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E-magazine software and its Vital features

E-magazine software:

An e-magazine or what many call the online magazine is a magazine that is accessed from the internet. Some of these magazines that we get via the World Wide Web refer to themselves as webzines. Small magazines and newsletters will more appropriately be referenced with the term e-zine. Such kind of publishing requires the publisher to have e-magazine software.

Digital publishing requires you to keep in mind some important points on how to implement the conversion software. The software that you use should have been designed while focusing on digital publishing, be it an e-book or online catalogue. This will assist in getting the maximum impact with each publication that you make.

One thing you should know is that the features of each publication will clearly come out depending on the software that you are using. The mobile-friendly HTML5 has to be supported if you intend your target audience to access the magazine via their mobile phones. Keep in mind the aspect of usability on all platforms that are available. This will let the link that has been published usable on any given device.

Features of e-magazine software:

The following are the important features you have to look out for in e-magazine software.

Supports HTML5

This is the latest version of HTML, a language of the World Wide Web. It is highly compatible with widely used devices such as Android, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and any portable internet device. Just as mentioned above, it is highly responsive. This means that a magazine seen on a computer screen will be adjusted to fit perfectly on a smaller screen such as a mobile phone.

Allows for multi-lingual publications

One of the powerful benefits of starting an online magazine is that it overcomes the barrier of borders. It is possible to have access from any part of the world. Bearing in mind that different countries speak different languages, it is important for your e-magazine software to allow for publication in different languages. Such software lets you publish in a language that you know best and then does the conversion to multiple languages for you. This lets the readers swiftly use their native language while reading your publication.

Can it develop an interactive magazine?

Top-notch software is one that allows you to create an interactive flash page that is flappable having important media like YouTube video, local movie, flash, photo gallery, bubbles, dynamic text, shape, and many others. It should allow for well-defined elements such as play video, go to the page and call JS function. This way, more visitors will come to your website as the source for information.

E-magazine software with advanced audio features

Your publication will include audio tracks so that readers have access to more advanced audio controls. This puts them in charge of the way they get audio via your digital magazine.

Preview capabilities

Before you publish your content online, you need to see how the end-user will. Powerful software is one that allows for real-time preview like appearance, layout, etc. before you make the output.

Who is in charge of customization?

Customizing the buttons, theme, and theĀ template is crucial in meeting user-specific desires. The decoration of the magazine should be within your grasp so that the magazine has the look and feel that you have in mind. Features like adjusting the cover style, toolbar language, background color, and flip speed give you an opportunity to create stunning magazines. Everything will fall in line with your company culture, style as well as be oriented to your target audience.

Brings onboard social platforms

No one can deny the power of social media. Most people get to hear about any given news via social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Ask, Twitter, etc. Having the capability to include social networks in the E-magazine software allows you to carry your message far.

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