free online magazine creator

Free Online Magazine Creator

Most people find it to be tricky when they try to establish an online magazine. Even those with sufficient knowledge on this matter still keep on refreshing their skills with newer technology. After a number of trials, we were able to determine that Yumpu Publishing is an outstanding free online magazine creator.

Free online magazine creator

Using Yumpu will cost you no charges and it delivers the service that it claims to offer. It works out well in most magazines and catalogues that are created through it. Also, flyers can be created through this e-magazine software. You will be perplexed to see how easy this magazine creator is and the fantastic work it does on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers!

Steps to create an online magazine:

The step-by-step directions provided here on creating an online magazine are easy to follow. Don’t worry; much of your time will not be taken since only 10 – 15 minutes are needed. This time can be shorter if you have already done the PDF upload.

First step: Design the magazine in PDF format

Creating a magazine on this platform requires that you start with the original draft in PDF format. If your magazine is already in PDF, skip to the next step.

For those having a document in word or Powerpoint, just export them to PDF. Numerous tutorials are available online on how to do that.

For those in need of a fancy magazine, my advice is that you should purchase a Photoshop magazine Template. The pricing ranges between 10 and 15 dollar. A Photoshop file comes with a cover and the back. Have a look at this cover as it is being edited in Photoshop software.

free online magazine creator

With your PDF files in place, merge them together using the right online tool. Just be keen to do the merging in the correct order. With that, everything is set to use your free magazine maker.

Second step: make the upload the PDF

Visit the official website of Yumpu Publishing and drag the PDF document to the site.

Uploading will start and may require you to wait for some minutes. The size of the file matters. After the upload is done, you will be required to create an account on the free online magazine creator. You will need an email address to do so.

Go to your email and activate the account.

free online magazine creator - 02

Third step: set up the new magazine

Edit the uploaded magazine; add an appropriate title as well as descriptive tags. This will make it get more visitors on the search engine. Be keen to use easily searched keywords.

While you are on the main menu, click on ‘My Magazines’ followed by ‘Edit magazine.’

Check at the top of the page to get the most important settings. That entails settings like the language (Spanish, German, English, etc.).

free online magazine creator - 03

Fourth step: embed in your site

It is possible to embed the magazine on any site or blog of your choice. By clicking on the ‘Embed’ link, you will be directed to the Embed wizard.

My advice here is that you rely on the advanced embed widget. It offers the best styling options for the entire magazine.

Styling of the embedded is enabled by the left-hand-side tabs. The “size” and “style” tabs are the most important here. once you are done, copy the embed code as shown.

free online magazine creator - 04

After doing so, just paste it into your website’s HTML.

And it is as simple as that! If you keenly follow what I have described above, you will have created your magazine using this free online magazine creator and embedded it in the website. Interact with the software tools so as to learn more about it.

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